• Finding Confidence
    “What is the biggest waste of time? Comparing yourself to others…”
  • Finding Beauty
    If we can know and love all the messed up, muddled up complexities of our bodies and minds, we in turn allow others to love them with us. And finding that sort of connection to ourselves and others is something that is always beautiful to me.
  • To My Teenage Self
    Do not be afraid to let others know how you feel… be kind to yourself and know you are just doing what you can to get by. Accept that you might be let down and disappointed. Know your worth from the inside out and not the outside in. And trust that you will come out of this and when you do you will be able to feel joy and love and peace.
  • Asking For Help
    Being vulnerable can feel scary; there is always the risk of rejection. But… just like falling in love: if we don’t allow ourselves to go there, we deny ourselves something beautiful both for ourself and the other.